Municipality Issues and Sober Homes

Attention ALL Sober Home Operators.

This is perhaps our greatest contribution to the Sober Home community to date. Sooner or later, we are ALL going to have to deal with our local municipality and it can be one of the most stressful conversations we will ever have. I would rather testify in court a thousand times than attend a meeting that could possibly lead to the demise of my organization.

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There are many out there who claim to help us for a price however, at the end of the day it is usually you alone in a room surrounded by officials. Often, we are summoned to City Hall so they may explain what steps they will take against you if you do not immediately comply with their demands and close your doors. We got into this industry to save lives and nothing causes me the type of heartache and stress that comes along with the possibility of being shut down.

We all owe a great deal to Oxford House, Inc. for waging this battle across the country time after time. I have always found it tedious and difficult to read the legal opinions, case law, and the Fair Housing Act Amendment of 1988 and to make a “right to exist” argument a municipality would accept. Everything seems so convoluted and ambiguous unless you know exactly where to look and exactly what documents to use. We must have facts and case law to back our claim; an article someone wrote explaining our rights just will not do.

I have thought for years that we needed a packet put together with all of the necessary information so that we can hand anyone overwhelming evidence that we do in fact have the right to exist. Every time I’ve needed this information I’ve had to scramble to piece it together. I have watched many battle their city and was asked by the DOJ to testify in a certain Texas case. Fortunately, the city saw the writing on the wall and they settled out of Federal Court just days before trial.

Rather than spending any more time just talking about it, we decided to put this together and make it available to everyone.

If your city fails to accept this information you will need to contact Steve Polin in Washington D.C. He is the attorney you will need if it comes to a legal battle.

Municipality Issues and Sober Homes Document

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